Hi there, my name is Jon. Welcome to my blog.

This blog is a place where I write about anything and everything. It’s not a “professional” blog, it’s just a place for me to share what I’m thinking, working on, and what’s going on in life.

Professionally, I’m COO of Kinsta, a managed hosting provider, and host of Reverse Engineered, a podcast produced by Kinsta. In my time at Kinsta, I’ve managed or interacted with many departments in the company. However, today my primary focus is on scaling the operations of this growing, fully-distributed global technology company, with specific responsibility for HR, IT, and legal matters.

On a personal note, I’m married and my wife and I have six kids and two dogs. I’m also into running, and particularly enjoy trail running and ultra marathons. I also really enjoy building things with my hands and taking on all sorts of projects around the house.

I believe in traveling as often as possible (pandemics notwithstanding). I moved a lot growing up but ultimately settled down in northeast Georgia, where I live today.

I’m not into social media, so while you may find a profile or two, you won’t really find me active on any social media platforms (unless Strava counts).

If you want to get in touch please use the contact form on this website. Things I’m most interested in hearing from you about: opportunities to appear on your podcast to talk about Kinsta and invitations to go on a group trail run.

Photo of myself, Jon Penland, out hiking in the mountains
On top of the world during the Sky to Summit 50k, November 2021

We’ve added one more kid to this crew since this photo was taken in May 2020.