Hi there,

My name is Jon.

Professionally, I’m COO of managed hosting company, Kinsta.

Kinsta is a distributed company. Having worked remotely since 2014, distributed work and scaling distributed companies is something I have a wealth of firsthand experience with, and believe has the potential to have a positive impact on the world. The desire to work from anywhere is what lead me into the technology space, and ultimately to Kinsta, and it’s now my privilege to help lead a company I shortlisted as a dream employer just a few short years ago.

In my time at Kinsta, I’ve been involved in a lot of different initiatives and managed a variety of functions and departments. At one time or another, during my time at Kinsta I’ve been directly responsible for overseeing sales, technical support, customer service, accounting, finance, legal, operations, strategy, and HR.

Today, my focus has narrowed to encompass strategy, operations, compliance, and HR.

On a personal note, I’m married, and Dad to 5 kids (7 if you count the dogs).

I moved a lot growing up but ultimately settled down in northeast Georgia, where I live today.

I’m into fitness, particularly bodyweight exercise and running. I’m also into building things with my hands and working on projects around my house, both indoors and out.

I believe in traveling as often as possible (coronavirus pandemic notwithstanding).

I’m not into social media, so you won’t find me active on any of the major social media platforms. If you want to get in touch please use the contact form on this website. I’m unable to respond to many inquiries, but I’ll get back in touch if I feel that there’s a particularly great fit between your request and what I can offer.