Running Bucket List

Below is a loosely organized list of races or routes that are on my bucket list. Running each of these races or routes is a long-term goal I’m building towards. I’ve more or less organized these in the order I think I’m likely to attempt them.


  • Sky to Summit 50k
  • Georgia Death Race
  • Georgia Jewel (held in September), tentatively targeting 2024
  • Cruel Jewel 100 (held in May), tentatively targeting 2025
  • Western States Endurance Run (held in June)
  • Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run (held in July)
  • Leadville Trail 100 Run (held in August)
  • UTMB (held in September)
  • The Boston Marathon (held in April)

Routes and Other Running Goals

  • Sub 6 minute mile
  • Sub 20 minute 5k
  • Sub 1:40 half marathon
  • Sub 3:30 marathon
  • R2R2R