Finding Roman’s Den

A few months back, while poking around on Google Maps, I stumbled on a landmark in the Lake Russell WMA called “Roman’s Den.” I was …

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Happy New Year clipart

Make Plans, Not Resolutions

2020 is a wrap. I’m not someone who puts a lot of stock into the idea that the dawning of a new year carries any …

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Sunday Morning Long Run

Among my goals for 2021 is to run a trail 50k. With that goal in mind, for the last several weeks I’ve been pushing up …

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people running on gray asphalt road during daytime

Bushbond 5k and 10k Race Report

This past weekend I ran in two races back-to-back: the Bushbond 5k followed by the Bushbond 10k. Both races started near Yonah Dam in Toccoa …

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