Day 80: Showing Up is Half the Battle

A couple of days ago I was struck by this thought: you’ll find your way through most challenges if you just keep showing up.

At the time, I was thinking about some prior professional challenges and how daunting they had seemed at the time. I can remember feeling very much not up to the task. I can remember feeling like I was about to be steamrolled.

Life may steamroll you from time to time, but a lot of the time, you’ll make it through whatever challenge it is that you’re facing if you just keep showing up.

That’s the observation I made a few days ago. The most important thing I did while facing those challenges was just keep showing up, keep chipping away, keep persevering, and eventually the path forward become clear one step at a time.

I’m facing another such obstacle right now. If pressed, it would be difficult for me to articulate a complete long-term path forward with a great deal of confidence. While I may not have confidence in the exact form the path will take, I am confident that I’ll keep showing up. I’ll keep chipping away. I’ll keep persevering. And I’ve little doubt that a few months from now I’ll look back with the the hindsight that the “magic” was just to keep showing up.

Featured image by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

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