Life is What Happens: Musings Inspired by Disney’s Soul

We watched the new Disney movie Soul tonight. I’ll not spoil it for you, so if you haven’t watched it you can safely read on.

The central idea in the movie can be summarized like this:

Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.

Allen Saunders, probably

Goals and aspirations are a good thing: if properly chosen, they help us move in a positive direction. However, it’s a mistake to lose sight of your life, today, when pursuing a far-off goal.

If we pursue our goals at the expense of living our lives every day our kids will grow up and move out, our relationships will suffer, our bodies will fall apart, and our lives will pass us by while we pursue careers, education, prestige, or whatever else we’re pursuing with single-minded focus.

Life is what happens while we’re making others plans. Plans are good. Make them. Pursue them. While you’re at it, just don’t forget to live your life today.