Recycling in Habersham County Georgia

Habersham County Georgia does have recycling facilities. However, hours are limited, the facilities are in poor condition, and are often overwhelmed by the amount of recycling materials received. Still, we try to avoid sending recyclables to the landfill.

In our garage we have a plastic tote we use to store cardboard and paper and a vertical sorter we use to sort all other recyclables.
This is our recycling sorting area at home. The tote on the left is used to hold cardboard and paper. The blue vertical box is sized to fit laundry baskets and we use it to sort plastic, aluminum, and glass.

We have a recycling sorting area in our garage and every month or two I load up our 2000 Ford Excursion and spend an hour or so making the trip to the recycling center and unloading.

The inside of the rear compartment of our Excursion is nearly entirely full of stacked cardboard.
The post-Christmas cardboard overload is real.
Glass, plastic, and aluminum are transported in laundry baskets placed in the back seat of the Excursion.
The plastic laundry baskets are a convenient way to transport the rest of our recycling to the recycling center.

Since we’re just past Christmas, we’re badly overdue to make a trip to the recycling center. The center has limited hours, and won’t be open again until Thursday, but we went ahead and loaded up all our recyclables today and I’ll drop them off on Thursday.

4 thoughts on “Recycling in Habersham County Georgia”

  1. Dose the recycling center take televisions for recycling. I have been looking for a place to take old tv’s. I was told that the landfill will not. If not, where can I take the old tv’s.

    • I don’t think the recycling center takes electronics. They used to, but I don’t think they do anymore. I do think the landfill has a place for electronics. They don’t let you actually toss them in the landfill, but I think they have a separate spot for electronics. In any case, I’m not the expert so if I had a TV to get rid of I’d call the landfill and ask to be sure.

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