Day 45: The Day My Phone Died

As this 100 day blogging challenge has gone along I’ve been really happy with how few “check the box” type posts I’ve published. The majority of my posts have had some sort of substance. Quite a few have been short, but even so, most have communicated some sort of idea.

Today is not a day to be proud of. Today is a “check the box” day.

We left for vacation today. We arrived at our Airbnb this afternoon and had a lazy evening of movies and overeating.

Also, my phone died unexpectedly today. It’s a Google Pixel 3 that I’ve only had for about 14 months. So in addition to Netflix and wine, I spent about an hour online with Google Fi support coordinating expedited shipment of a replacement phone to our Airbnb.

Tomorrow we’ll do some exploring on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and if time allows, perhaps I’ll write something a bit more substantive.

Featured image by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Day 45: The Day My Phone Died”

    • Yeah. It was a good start. 🙂 Today was good as well. Lots of driving, but we had some fun. I’m hoping tomorrow will be a lazy day. Maybe a short hike or two, but a helluva lot less time in the car. Hopefully.

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