Day 1: Workout Log

Today marks day 1 of a 100 day project: 100 days of continuous blogging inspired by my Kinsta colleague Roger Williams.

The temptation when kicking off a new project like this is to go all-in, but if James Clear has taught me anything, one of the keys to sticking with anything is to make it easy and then just show up.

So in the interest of not overdoing it and losing the head of steam I have heading into this initiative, today is going to be a day where I just show up.

Day 1 of 100 will just be a quick exercise log entry – a snapshot of the exercise routine I completed today.

Today’s Exercise Routine

Today I completed day 5, of week 7, of the 1st Class program in Mark Lauren’s book, You Are Your Own Gym.

This is a book my brother introduced me to, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you’re interested in a program that only takes about 30 minutes a day, doesn’t require any specific equipment (but may require some creativity), will help you get into solid shape, and will just help you feel stronger and move more freely, then look no further.

Day 5 of week 7 consists of 3 exercises:

The program has you complete these exercises using a process Mark refers to in his book as “stappers.” The idea with stappers is to set a timer for 20 minutes, and then rip through as many sets of the exercises as you can.

So you start with a set of let-me-ups, followed by a set of side lunges, followed by a set of push-ups. Then you start over. Just keep going, non-stop, at a nice moderate pace for 20 minutes.

My stappers consisted of sets of 6 let-me-ups, 12 side lunges, and 8 pushups. I managed to get in about 14 rounds in 20 minutes.

That was today’s workout. I completed it at about 12:15, had a quick lunch, and got right back to work!

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    • Yeah, looks to be. 🙂 I use the terminology from Mark Lauren’s book because it’s what I know. I think “inverted rows” is the technical name and “let-me-ups” is a Mark-Lauren-ism.

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