And Just Like That, 2022 is Upon Us

The start of each new year is a day just like any other. However, there’s something psychologically powerful about the reset offered by the New Year. Sure, it’s a placebo, but the New Year does inspire introspection and inject motivation. So while I recognize that it’s just a psychological trick, why not put that introspection and motivation to good use?

Resolutions for 2022

Last year I played some vocabulary semantics. This year, I’m feeling a lot more practical so I’m just going to admit that the following are in fact “New Year’s Resolutions” and move on.

Here are my resolutions for 2022:

  • Running: Run an average of 30 miles per week, and a total of at least 1,500 miles in 2022.
  • Finances: This going to be a bit more personal that I usually get, but what the hell. I want to pay cash for my kids school tuition (due around the end of May) and get my cash balance back to a 6-month cushion (I completely blew through my cash cushion during this pool project).
  • Professional: {details redacted} 😜 What I can say is that I want to build out three new teams or functions within my area of purview.
  • Online habits: Delete my personal social media accounts. Either automate or handover my professional social media accounts to some sort of service. Take a 30 day news fast in January and then limit my news intake to checking the WSJ once a day.

That’s it. Simple and focused on being healthy: physically, financially, professionally, and mentally.

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