Day 4: What is Fit?

Note: This blog was originally hosted at, a domain I let expire and no longer use. The post below will make a lot more sense bearing that in mind.

The word “fit” is necessarily going to come up on this site from time to time because it’s in the domain. It’s in the domain because when I decided to create this blog I wanted a short domain that was cheap and at least tangentially related to the concept of a blog about intentional healthy living.

30 minutes of trying out different options at Namecheap, and was the winner.

In other words, the word “fit” doesn’t hold any special meaning for me, but we’re stuck with it because: economics.

When presented with lemons, start squeezing.

Backing Into Meaning

It’s my position that for the most part people (including myself) don’t gather data and then make sound decisions (I’m not sure we even make decisions*). Instead, by and large, we arrive at conclusions that are aligned with our prior biases and then back into explanations that seem good to us.

For the most part we do that without realizing we’re doing it. But why should that stop us from doing it intentionally? I propose that it should not.

So let’s back into a good explanation for why I “picked” the word fit as a defining feature of this blogging experience.

*Not an affiliate link.

Fit Defined defines fit in 20+ different ways. Here are some of the definitions that resonate with me:

  • Adapted or suited.
  • Qualified or competent.
  • In good physical condition; in good health.

I want to be fit in all facets of life:

  • I want to be a fit (competent, adapted) father and husband.
  • I want to be physically fit (in good physical condition, in good health).
  • I want to be mentally fit (competent, adaptable).
  • I want to be fit (competent, suited, adapted) in my professional role.

So when I speak of being fit, I mean that I want to be in good standing in all areas of my life. I don’t want any part of my life to be in shambles.

Coming Back to the Start

So that’s what I’m blogging about here at–my efforts to be fit in all aspects of life.

That leaves a lot of room for me to explore: physical fitness, habit formation, skill development, time spent in pursuit of specific aspects of fitness such as time spent with my family or developing a hobby.

See? Now doesn’t seem like the perfect domain? Glad I thought of it.

Note: Featured image is a screenshot of the definition of fit from

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