Day 42: Doing the Dad Thing

Today’s blog post is going to be really short.

On Saturday my oldest son will give a talk at Southeast LinuxFest (SELF 2020) which is being held virtually June 12-14, 2020. That means that this evening, instead of writing a blog post, I got to hear ComputerKid‘s first delivery of his presentation on Linux desktop environments.

It’s all good. Being a dad is job #1. This blog comes somewhere far down the line after being a dad, a husband, Kinsta’s COO, and exercising regularly.

His talk is quite solid. I admit that I’m no Linux aficionado, but I do know my way around the command line and I’ve spun up a virtual box and played with a variety of distros. I learned a lot from this talk. I learned a lot about how desktop environments fit into the overall stack that is a Linux system and about the pros and cons of varios popular DEs.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of Grayson. He’s miles ahead of where I was at 13, both in his technical abilities and his willingness to step up and do something scary, like talk at a virtual conference. I can’t wait to hear him kill it during his talk on Saturday.

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