Day 47: Lazy Day

Today was the laziest day I’ve had in years.

Going on vacation during a pandemic is a strange experience because you don’t really want to go into any businesses unless it’s to buy necessities, and most attractions are closed. So the plan was (and is) to spend our time hiking and exploring.

The forecast this week is terrible for hiking and exploring: rainy and cool all week.

Today’s forecast is the worst of the week: high in the low 60’s and 80% chance of rain. Forecast in mind, we just took it really easy today. We slept in. Ate a big breakfast. Went for a drive. Came back to the Airbnb at around noon and napped for hours. That nap was pretty great.

Finally, this afternoon, the rain cleared up enough for me to get the dogs out of the Airbnb for a short hike. My son Teagan and I were the only two willing to brave the ominous clouds and were rewarded by a quiet, easy, and mostly rain-free hike to Roaring Fork Falls.

Now I’m back at the Airbnb, sitting on the back porch with the dogs, giving them some time to air dry before letting them back inside.

Forcing Myself to Relax

I’m really bad at relaxing.

When on vacation, I’m the guy who’s up early and pushing everyone out the door with a full day of adventuring in mind. This week, the rain and pandemic are combining to force my hand, and I’m striving to embrace the limitations. Vacation is supposed to be about resting and recharging, and the circumstances surrounding this vacation are conspiring to ensure I do just that.

Featured image by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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