Day 49: Migrating this Blog

I think I’m going to migrate this blog over to my personal website.

As I write this post, this blog lives at I purchased that domain specifically for the purpose of the 100 day blogging challenge I’m participating in with a few colleagues. However, as we reach the midpoint of this challenge, I feel like I’m beginning to have a vision for what a long-term blogging habit might look like.

Why Did I Use Jon.Fit?

I used the domain to begin with so that I had the freedom to participate in this challenge without caring too much about how the content reflects on me. I didn’t expect to write about anything career-related, and I wasn’t ready to commit to associating this content with my professional online presence.

Basically, I didn’t want to make an ass of myself and have that reflect poorly on my employer.

However, as the challenge has gone on, I find myself beginning to see the shape of what a long-term blogging practice might look like. And if I’m going to stick with this thing in the long-term, I don’t want all this content to live on what is effectively a throw-away domain.

Why Would I Want to Keep Doing This?

I’ve found blogging to be really helpful over the last 49 days, in at least two specific ways:

  1. Writing forces you to organize your thoughts, and blogging has provided a space for me to think through a wide variety of issues, ranging from how to respond to George Floyd’s death to strategic ways to make habit formation easier.
  2. Blogging about my short-term monthly goals has helped me be far more consistent in sticking to them than I have been in the past.

Those are both really valuable benefits. I’d like to keep enjoying them indefinitely.

What Might a Long-Term Blogging Habit Look Like?

At this point, I have ideas, but no firm plans. I do think I’ll end up with at least the following general types of posts:

Who knows what else? I don’t plan to put too many guardrails on this thing. I plan to simply maintain whatever momentum I’ve generated by blogging over the last few months.

Featured image by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

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