It Goes By Fast

A bit cliche, but true. The older I get the more I’m struck by how quickly life goes by. Or to put it another way:

In the middle, it feels slow.

In hindsight, it feels fast.

James Clear, 3-2-1

Life feels slow in the moment, but in hindsight it feels like it sped by.

I think life feels this way because that’s how the brain works and forms memories. We don’t remember every moment in vivid detail. We remember the highlights. So when we think back, it’s the highlights that come back to us and not all the slow moments that fill in the vast spaces in between.

Tomorrow, my youngest daughter turns 1. It goes by so fast.

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  1. This, completely. Just over a year ago we decided which builder we were going to use for our home. Today I am sitting in my office writing this comment. During the build it felt like this would never get here but now I barely remember those moments. I recall at the time mentioning this too. 🤪

    Happy birthday to your little one! 🥳


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