Shooting Baskets

I spent all day working in the yard and I’m beat. My lower back is tight and achy, and I’m tired. However, I’m a mere five days into a 100 day blogging challenge and the show must go on. While I don’t have the mental energy for a long post today, I can share this post’s featured image.

Yesterday afternoon I was headed out the door to pick up two of my kids from a swim meet. And what should I stumble upon? Hudson, shooting free throws.

Hudson is the son I mentioned a few days ago who is learning to play basketball. He’s the one I bought the hoop for, and it was nice to see him out making use of it.

3 thoughts on “Shooting Baskets”

    • It’s a little unorthodox, but at his age he needs to start with the ball low and use both hands to get enough power behind it. He drained that particular shot as well, so clearly it works. 🙂

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