Day 82: I Ran a Sub-Eight Minute Mile!

Today is a check-the-box kind of day! I’m tired, mentally and physically, so today I’m going to keep this post short, sweet, and to the point.

I completed a tempo run today. The run consisted of 1 slow mile, 1 fast mile, and 1 final slow mile. Predictably, I also ran an extra tenth to get in the full 5k distance (3.1 miles).

For the fast mile, I was aiming to come in under 8:30, but in reality I was gunning for a sub-8 mile.

The splits tell the story!

The first mile was just under 10 minutes, the second was just under 8 minutes, and the last mile was right at nine and a half minutes.

7:54 isn’t blisteringly fast, but it’s progress! I’ve run some sub-8 miles during 5k races relatively recently, but I think that’s the first sub-8 minute mile I’ve run during a training run in probably a decade. So I’m pretty happy with it!

2 thoughts on “Day 82: I Ran a Sub-Eight Minute Mile!”

    • Between the ages of 15-21 I could run a mile in around 5:30. So sub-8 seems glacial by comparison. I have to regularly remind myself that I’m approaching 40 and I’m still trying to recover from 10 years of being relatively sedentary.

      18 mos ago I don’t think I could have run a sub-9 minute mile. So I’m making progress but still have a ways to go before I’ll really be pleased with where I am.

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