Day 13: Workout Log

Some days you just have to check the box. Today is a check the box kind of day.

I knew there’d be days like this–days where I didn’t have the time or mental energy to write a post with real depth of thought. It’s guaranteed to happen when trying to blog 100 days in a row, and there’s freedom is accepting the inevitable and being ok with just showing up and checking the box.

Today’s blogging box will be checked with a simple log of the day’s workout.

Today’s Workout

Work was busy and pushed my lunch break later than normal so I worked out at around 2 PM today. Today’s workout was day 3 of week 4 of the 1st class program in the book, You Are Your Own Gym.

The workout consisted of 4 sets of ladders where each exercise was in the “pull” family: Let Me Ups (inverted row), Let Me Ins (bodyweight version of a seated row), reverse grip Let Me Ups, reverse grip (palms up) Let Me Ins.

The way a ladder works is that you set a timer for 7 minutes, hit start,do one rep of the exercise, then a short break, then two, then a short break, then three, and so forth. Once you reach a point where you can’t complete additional reps you work you way back down. You keep going, up and down, until you run out of time.

I complete reps as follows for each ladder:

  • Ladder 1: ladder up to 7 reps, back down to 1, back up to 4, back down to 1.
  • Ladder 2: ladder up to 12 reps.
  • Ladder 3: ladder up to 5 reps, back down to 1, back up to 4 reps, back down to 1.
  • Ladder 4: ladder up to 12 reps.

Ladders are perhaps my least-favorite workout. They take a long time and you spend most of that time near full exertion. Which probably means they’re also very effective.

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  1. I think my last 3 posts have been ‘checking the box’ and I am ok with that. I think part of this challenge is breaking through the writers block situation. Learning how to write something everyday till it becomes as easy as breathing or making lunch.


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