Taking a Skip Day

I didn’t work out today. I didn’t swim, run, or spin. I did get up at 6 AM as per usual, but aside from that my morning routine fairly well went out the window this morning.

Things went differently this morning for two reasons. First, our youngest daughter is going through some developmental milestones and it was a rough night as a result. Second, we were out of basically everything so while the kids usually eat breakfast at home I opted to run them by Dairy Queen for a quick breakfast on the way to school.

In short, life conspired against me and I opted to take a skip day.

I’m ok with taking a skip day every once in a while. I don’t take very many skip days. I could have forced myself to work out and spend an hour on my exercise bike, but I think I made the right choice by taking a skip day today. Some days you need to buckle down and do the hard thing, other days you need to take a skip day and chalk it up to a mental health break. Today was one of the latter.

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