Day 62: Habit Journal Update

It’s the start of a new month! That means that it’s time to take a look back at last month and see how I did on sticking to my intentional habits and look forward at those habits I want to focus on next month.

June Habit Review

In the month of June I had 5 habits I wanted to work on:

  1. Practice mindfulness every day (30 times in the month)
  2. Exercise 5 days per week (20 times in the month)
  3. Blog every day of the month (30 times in the month)
  4. Read every day (30 times in the month)
  5. Practice a shutdown routine at the end of each workday (20 workdays less 5 days of vacation = 15 work days)

Here’s how I actually did:

  1. Mindfulness: 18/30 for 60%. I didn’t practice at all on vacation.
  2. Exercise: 23/20. I slacked off a bit on vacation but still got in 2 days and made up for it by exercising on the weekends.
  3. Blog: 30/30. Perfect 100%.
  4. Read: 28/30 for 93%. Pretty solid. The two days I missed were the day I returned from vacation and the following day. Understandable. I ended up finishing 5 books in June. I think that’s my best month ever for reading.
  5. Shutdown: 13/15 for 87%. Pretty solid!

July Habit Preview

I plan to keep up the same five habits next month with the same goals for consistency. They’re all serving me quite well. I’m still on the fence about how mindfulness will fit into my life in the long term, but I’m definitely keeping it around for at least one more month.

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