The Empty Page

Today is the first day of the 100 days of blogging challenge where I’ve struggled to think of anything to write about. I’m overthinking the question of topic and ending up stuck with nothing to write about because nothing feels sufficiently meaningful. This is the same roadblock that has derailed many of my blogging efforts in the past.

The thing is I just don’t see why anyone should care what I have to say 99% of the time. Every once in a while I think I have something insightful or important to say, but for the most part I think you should think for yourself and that your conclusions and thoughts will be just as useful, meaningful, and valid as my own.

If I’m going to keep writing I have to revisit the purpose of this exercise. Why am I participating in this challenge? As soon as this question reaches my mind a potential answer appears as well: the process is the purpose.

The Process of Blogging 100 Days in a Row

So, what is the process? What can I get out of the act of blogging 100 days in a row that will elevate this activity and give it some structure? While the process has looked a little different from day-to-day, the following elements tend to come up as a part of the process as I blog:

  • Reflecting on my day.
  • Noticing my mood, preoccupations, and physical environment.
  • Thinking about how my days are structured and unfold.
  • Connecting with colleagues and more recently my kids as well.

Ok, that’s enough.

Coming up with something to write about is still a challenge. However, the process of blogging on a daily basis brings an enriching quality of awareness and intentionality to my day that’s worth the struggle of coming up with a few hundred words worth publishing.

3 thoughts on “The Empty Page”

  1. This is me every time I sit down to write!
    Last night, I had to pull out the cheat code – The Art of Stopping Time. It’s 100 days of writing prompts.
    Would it be “cheating” if we had community-sourced topics?

    • Ha! I love it! As far as I’m concerned, writing prompts, community-sourced topics, or just straight up Googling “things to write about” are all fair game when it comes to this 100 day blogging challenge. 😄

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