What Happens When Your Kids Discover Your Blog

My kids discovered my blog Wednesday night and this is what happened.

It’s a bit surreal when your kids reach the age that they can discover your online persona. They started in on my blog Wednesday night and I found myself racing ahead of them through the archives preparing to do damage control if anything I’ve said or written required explanation.

Thankfully, my worry was unfounded. They got a good laugh out of at least one post, and my oldest son was mortified by another, but I’ve apparently exercised reasonable discretion in what I share with the world on this site.

My kids are getting older. A part of getting older is that they’ve started to have some visibility into how I present myself to the outside world. Another part of getting older that hit hard on Wednesday is that my oldest passed the exam to earn his learner’s permit and we had our first driving lesson.

My oldest son driving our Honda Odyssey minivan. He's leaning in towards the steering wheel to maximize visibility.
Sit back son! That airbag is way too close to your face!

He did great, and I was carried back to when my dad taught me to drive on the exact same stretch of road near Yonah Dam, more than 20 years ago.

Time marches on. We get older. Our kids grow up and start driving our minivans. Then one day they deface the comments section of our blog. Such is life.

2 thoughts on “What Happens When Your Kids Discover Your Blog”

  1. Hahahaha! Thats great, trolled by your own offspring. Gotta be a proud moment for sure. 🤣

    Seriously though looks like a solid responsible driver in the making there. 👍


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