Day 8: Workout Buddies and a Workout Log

An interesting thing has happened over the last few weeks. I’ve somehow gained a pretty resilient bunch of workout buddies.

In months past, I’ve worked out in the evening after my kids went to bed. However, in the interest of improving my productivity and happiness, I’ve started working out in the middle of the day during my lunch break. Doing things this way helps me be much more consistent and it also helps me maintain a much higher level of focus throughout my work day.

My wife suggested I let my kids know when I’m going to work out and to just see what happens.

Predictably, my kids joined me for the first few workouts.

Unpredictably, they’ve really stuck it out.

It’s now been a full three weeks since I’ve been working out during my lunch break and my kids have been surprisingly consistent at joining me and doing their best to keep up.

It’s really been fantastic. I do have to be a little more flexible and accept that I’ll have to navigate between children as I move from one exercise to the next. But it’s been a really rewarding and unexpected perk of moving my workouts to the daytime.

Today’s Workout

My workout today consisted of three exercises, performed back-to-back, for 20 minutes–what are referred to as “stappers” in the workout program I use.

The exercises today included:

  • Let-Me-Ups (sets of 6)
  • Alternating Side Lunges (sets of 12)
  • Pushups (sets of 8)

So the idea is to start with a set of Let-Me-Ups, then do a set of Alternating Side Lunges, then do a set of Pushups, and then start over. All without taking a break.

I managed to get about 14-15 sets in over the course of 20 minutes.

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